5 Souvenirs You Should Buy From Oman

Oman is one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East. If you want to go to Oman for a short visit, then you need to know what you should see in there. You also need to know what to take home with you. The most important requirement is your Oman visum. However, here are five souvenirs from Oman you should take home with you.


Pottery Items

It’s been more than 400 years since the Omani people have been involved in making pottery. Omani pottery comes from the soil in the wadi area. You can find these pottery items at homes, hotels, restaurants, and gardens. The most popular items include brams, jihals, and khuroos. Brams function for cooking and are basically thicker and stronger. Khuroo is for storage of honey, syrup, and dates. Jihals are for water storage.


You can find Frankincense trees in Dhofar. Dhofar is a southern Omani governorate. The Frankincense tree, or the Boswellia sacra, grows in very few places in the world such as Dhofar. The tree does not start producing resin until the tree is around eight years old. Omani frankincense is rare, yet it is considered one of the best in the world. So if you’re visiting Oman and you’re getting your Oman visum ready, don’t forget to buy frankincense.

Omani Dates

Omani dates exist in so many varieties. The most common are Khunaizi, Fardh, and Khalas. The sweetest is the Al Khunaizi dates. The tastiest is the Al Khalas. The ones that contain the most sugar include the Al Mebselli and Al Khasab. There are also table dates as well as manufacturing dates. Dates make up 78% of all the cultivated fruits in Oman. Don’t forget to bring home some of the best date varieties that you find in the country.

Dagger, or Khanjar

Oman’s national flag contains a dagger in its national emblem. That dagger, known as khanjar, symbolizes the history and pride of Oman. The dagger appears on all banknotes of Oman as well as on all documents and seals of schools, hospitals, courts, universities, and police cars. Omani men may also wear the dagger around the waist. They wear it during formal occasions, funerals, festivals, and weddings. Silver, brass, gold, or copper make up the dagger’s blade.

Silver craft

A great variety of Omani craft is made from silver. Silver includes jewelry, weapons, household items, coffee pots, rings, belts, and khanjar. In fact, during wedding ceremonies, silver is the standard dowry of a groom to give to his bride and her family. This silver contained in a chest serves as financial insurance for the woman. The woman can use this chest as a portable bank account, and she can sell or exchange the silver in it whenever she needs money.

Some Final Words

If you’re getting ready for your vacation to Oman, you need to prepare your Oman visum. You should also make your list of souvenir items to buy and take home with you. If you choose the five things mentioned, you won’t have to worry about Omani customs.


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