Manitoba, Canada: The Polar Bear Capital of the World

With your ETA Canada, you can visit one of the most enchanting towns in Manitoba: Churchill. It is a town situated in the Canadian province of Manitoba along the shores of the Hudson Bay. It’s located at the estuary of the Churchill River, the body of water that shares its name.

Churchill is small but with impressive facts. The name was from British PM Winston Churchill and the first Duke of Marlborough from the 17th century. And aside from these, the tiny town is also famous for its diverse arctic wildlife.


Where Polar Bears Roam Free

Lately, the start of ecotourism in Churchill has led to town authorities naming it the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Churchill is where you can find polar bears roaming freely. Every October, these white giants journey to the west shore of the bay where they will begin the long wait till the bay freezes. Polar bears know that once the ice hardens, ringed seals will also come back. These seals are their favorite food.


Beware Of Large Predators

Polar bears are enormous carnivores and can weigh anywhere from 350 to 680 kilos with the biggest male weighing up to a ton. These giant bears can also be seen walking along Churchill’s streets, which is why locals and visitors are instructed how to react in case they meet these massive carnivores on the roads.


Churchill’s Bear TrapsĀ 

Citizens of Churchill know that polar bears can be dangerous, and they do all they can to protect themselves. For protection, they have non-lethal bear traps for bears that wander through town. Once these bears are caught, these are released back to the wild. The bears are placed in a net, attached to a helicopter and flown back to their home.


Churchill’s Popular Ecotourism

Churchill’s primary source of income is ecotourism. Tourists come over to check its local polar bear residents that are now more than 1200 in number. Visitors come over during bear watching season when they can also check out the town’s Beluga whale population which is at 3000 in number. This town is also where you’ll find different species of birds and ringed seals.

This town is also where you’ll get the chance to admire the aurora borealis that can be seen from August to September. Tourists can get around Churchill by hiring Tundra Buggies. For accommodations, the favorite Tundra Lounge is where tourists come to stay.

Do you know that vehicles in town remain unlocked so people can immediately get inside to escape bears? Also, Churchill is not accessible by road, so if your car gets stolen, the thief won’t go very far. Just a few facts to check out when you visit Churchill this year.


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