The Basic Components Of A Good Website Design

Deciding on a particular design may seem like an easy task, but as someone who specializes in website design, there are a few things to remember.

What are the things designers should take note of before starting? First, take into consideration the colors as well as typography. Second, you must decide on what type of approach you want to do for the client.

This article shows you the essential components of good website design.

1: A Pleasant Layout And Attractive Overall Design

It’s True that first impressions last when you first meet a person, but it also applies to a website. People can immediately decide if they want to continue browsing based on layout and design. The appearance should be clean and classy, as well as not too busy to the eyes (don’t overdo the elements and keep everything simple). Also, the background should coincide with the other features in terms of colors, shades, and hues.


2: Color Scheme

Now that you’ve completed the background and appearance, it’s time to decide on which colors to use. Remember that you should decide on which colors to choose depending on the client. For example, you have a client who specializes in law, make sure to choose professional colors. On the other hand, if you have a first-time parent, choose lighter hues. Also, decide if you want a monochromatic, analogous, complementary, or triad theme.


3: Appropriate Font Types

Although some people pay no mind to the font used on their websites, it can help depict whether the business is professional of carefree. Using the same example as the previous one, if you’re making a site for a lawyer, choose professional-looking fonts like serif. On the other hand, having a photographer client would most likely go for a sans serif font.


4: Website Navigators

From the name itself, navigators help visitors navigate and go through the website. It makes no sense if you overdo the designs and animations on this component because you might end up confusing clients instead of helping them explore the website. Also, make navigations as monochromatic as possible, because some might think that they’re part of the overall design and end up leaving the site.

Start your website design now!