3 Things To Remember Before Settling For An Oak Frame Home

Green oak frames have always been there to add a touch of design and aesthetics to the house. Take note of these tips if you’re keen on having an oak frame home.

How To Expose The Frame Internally And Externally

Oak frame homes that within an encapsulation system, covering them with materials such as timber, render, and brick. However, some homeowners still want to expose the looks of their oak frames both exteriorly and interiorly. Fortunately, several companies have provided ingenious solutions such as the 3i panel system, which maintains the exterior appearance of a “half-timbered” house. Having each timber wood visible on both ways – internally and externally – can cause cold-bridging, which is why the 3i panel system only shows half-width timbers. Half-width means only those structural posts and beams are seen.

Hire a Trustworthy Designer With Experience

Applying the design and detail oak frame houses requires a professional designer with experience in that kind of construction system. Search for on that understands the limitations of oak wood, as well as span and bays. Some several independent architects and designers have experience with oak frame designing; they may also have connections with oak frame businesses. Some companies also offer services for in-house design along with a portfolio for various house styles.

You can Achieve An Oak Frame Home On a Budget

Author of Oak-Frame Buildings, Rupert Newman, said, “The most common misconception regarding oak frame homes is that they are beyond the ‘normal’ self-builders’ budgets. Although it is right to say that they are more expensive than a standard softwood frame building, they are comparable with any good quality construction technique.” Here are a few key steps to take note of in case of a tight budget:

  • You can use oak only in critical areas, including the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, entrance hall, or dining area. Having accents such as oak lintels, joinery, and designs are also additional designs.
  • You don’t need to have oak in every room of the house, especially tree doesn’t benefit some of the places such as the boot or utility room, which makes their function detrimental. For cost reduction and practicality, you can clear the given areas from oak frames.

What makes green frame oaks more appealing is that they don’t need a finish. Nothing makes a home look fresh and comfortable than the country atmosphere that wood provides.