4 Pallet Handling Equipment You Should Know

Pallet conveyors and dispensers are essential equipment in the material handling industry. They are vital elements of any palletizing system that help improve the overall efficiency of product handling and distribution system. If you’re planning to invest in one but don’t know where to start, here are four different types of pallet handling equipment you might want to consider.



  • Fork Style Pallet Dispenser

    The fork style pallet dispenser is your best choice for pallets that are in questionable condition. It uses specially designed forklift tines that pick up pallets off the conveyor. This way, the bottom-most item of the stack of pallets is conveyed out of the dispenser. The tines work to lower the stack of pallets onto the conveyor, then retract, lift and extend into the next pallet from the bottom. When the tines extend into the pallet, it goes up slightly to allow the lower pallet to be transported to the load building position. This process is repeated all over again. 




  • Lift-Style Pallet Dispenser

    The lift-style pallet dispenser makes use of a hydraulic lift placed between two strands of chain conveyors. The lift places the stack at a determined height, while its arms extend to hold the second pallet from the bottom. The most-bottom pallet is then placed lower on the chain conveyor and is moved out of the dispenser onto the next conveyor. The lift will then go up to hold the stack, and the process is repeated. 




  • Drag Chain Conveyors

    Drag chain conveyors are the mostly used in moving and elevating bulk materials. It can transport volumes in a variety of inclines which comes from the vast range of flight types it can do. The proper selection of flight is essential to conveying volumes of loads horizontally, vertically, or on a degreed incline. 




  • Driven Driven Live Roller (CDLR) Conveyor



This type of conveyor is mostly used to move pallets that make use of chain transfers to move products at a 90° angle. They are great for handling heavy materials with a smooth bottom or on pallets. CDLR conveyors are mostly used in warehouse operations. They are designed with different roller sizes depending on the conveying size of pallet and weight.  CDLR conveyors are a little less expensive than drag chain conveyors, so investing in them will save you from unnecessary expenses in most situations.


There are several types of pallet handling equipment, and each one has an advantage over another. When deciding to purchase one, make sure to choose the equipment that corresponds to your manufacturing needs that is of good quality and durable.