4 Things to Do Before Having a Tattoo Removal

Advancements in technology have made removing tattoos easier and less painful. So if you regret or have outgrown your body art, cheap tattoo removal Christchurch is your best bet. There are some things you can do beforehand to make the process go more smoothly, like:


Manage Your Expectations


You should know that while a laser removal is very effective in getting rid of tattoos, it sometimes cannot remove the ink entirely. For instance, the placement of the design and the person’s skin type could make the design more difficult to remove. Talk to a specialist about the procedure, the possible result as well as pre and after-care treatments before making any commitment.


Stay Out of the Sun


You should put your plans of getting a tan on hold before your tattoo removal session. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays will stimulate melanin and vitamin D production, and this can affect the way your body responds to laser’s light waves. Tanned skin is also susceptible to adverse reactions and permanent changes in pigmentation. The tattooed patch could end up a different shade to the rest of your skin.


Don’t Use Skin Products on Target Area


Laser removal specialists will insist that the area to be treated should be clean and clear of hair. There’s no need to moisturize the skin at that point so avoid using lotions, creams, perfumes or other beauty products. The chemicals in these products could create an adverse reaction to the laser treatment and leave you with irregular pigmentation. You might also end up doing more sessions as the laser, and your body has to work harder to get rid of the toxins or remaining ingredients from these body products.


Make Yourself Comfortable


A laser removal session takes several hours, and while not as painful as getting a tattoo, there will be some discomfort. You can reduce the pain by taking Tylenol before the treatment. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen as they’re ineffective and will leave you with bruises after. You should also wear loose fitting clothes that are easy to remove without grazing the treated skin. Your skin will feel like it has been sunburned after a laser treatment so dress accordingly.


You don’t have to live with ink you don’t like anymore. Getting a cheap tattoo removal Christchurch is fast, effective, and affordable.