4 Ways to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Millions of people around the world avoid going to the dentist out of anxiety and fear. Whether it’s because of a bad experience, the anticipation of pain, or a busy schedule, you should try to overcome these reasons if you want to have good oral health. Read on for ways to get over your fear and experience a productive visit to your dentist Greenville.

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Fear

 Your dentist has to know about your anxiety. Tell them how you feel and why you’re scared to be in the dentist’s chair. The information you provide will help your dentist find ways to manage and address your issues. For instance, some dentists will explain the whole procedure in advance to help their patients feel confident. Others establish a signal with their patient that will tell them if they’re too uncomfortable and need a break.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

 Breathing deeply and regularly can also help the patient relax and stay calm before and during the dental procedure. People tend to hold their breath when they’re scared or nervous. It then leads to lower oxygen levels that further heightens anxiety or panic. Concentrate on taking slow, regular breaths or practice any meditating techniques you know.

Consider Asking for Medication

 You can ask for additional medication if you’re stressed and worried about being in the dentist’s chair. Your dentist will recommend several options, like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a sedative, or anti-anxiety medicine. Ask ahead if they’re open to offering medication to help you get through your appointment.

Do Whatever It Takes to Help You

There are a lot of little but practical things that can help you overcome your fear, and there’s nothing wrong with using every one of them. For example, eating a high-protein dish before your appointment can create a calming effect. If you’re bothered by the sound of the dentist drill, then ask the staff if they can play some music. Making an appointment early in the morning or during the weekend where you don’t feel rushed will also help.

Working with the right dentist Greenville can alleviate your worries and help you overcome your dental anxiety. Talk to your dental practitioner and discuss ways to keep you at ease, whether it’s additional medication or listening to your favorite music.