Fix A Stuck Car Door: 4 Easy Steps

A car door stuck in its lock position is a major predicament; How will you go to work, or how will you drive your kids to school? A broken car door obviously limits the use of the car to its full potential and needs to be fixed immediately, preferably by your friendly neighborhood locksmith Raleigh NC. Here are four steps to fix a locked car door.


Find Out Why

Figuring out the diagnosis is the critical first step in fixing the car door. Once you understand what causes it, you can work out a method to troubleshoot the stuck door. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, so the answer will depend on your understanding of the problem. There are many different causes, but they generally fall into three.

Broken internal connections, especially with the door latch, door lock cylinder, or interior locking switch, can cause stuck doors. Rust and grime may also cause jamming, as with structural damage. There can be other sources of the issue, so know first why before going to the how.


Clean and Lubricate

Lubrication is the solution for things that are not moving well. Especially when the door has grime and rust built-up, everything must be cleaned. After cleaning, lubricate the joints, locks, and latches to ensure that everything will move smoothly. However, cleaning and lubrication maintenance afterwards should still be a priority.


Repair or Replace 

Broken connections can be fixed with binding them back together. With glue, you must find the right binding agent for the materials you are binding. You can also use different fabrication methods, or replace parts entirely. All of this is complicated if you are unfamiliar with the lock mechanism though, so it is oftentimes better to contact a locksmith Raleigh NC for help.


Call a Locksmith 

This was already suggested in the above step, but it cannot be stressed enough. Unless you are an expert yourself, employ the help of car lock experts. They are the best option for any problem regarding car doors. Never hesitate to ask them for help, that is what they are in the industry for, to give stellar service to the ones needing them.

Any stuck door need and can be fixed for you to be able to use your vehicle to its potential. If you have any sort of doubt regarding your capability and knowledge in fixing car doors, then seek help from expert locksmiths.