Orlando Tesla Care Goes The Extra Mile

If you properly maintain the necessary care for your Tesla, then it’s a guarantee that your vehicle will keep its showroom look for years after it’s delivered. Whether which model you have, Orlando Tesla Care helps you decide on options for ceramic coating or paint protection.

Tesla FAQs

  • Is Ceramic Coating Worthwhile?

The answer is “yes,” for most cars. Ceramic coating is a promising investment for those into DIY if you’re thinking of the costs. Although the initial investment might be expensive, it will eventually pay off over time. However, if your car’s value is high, you can choose to pass on the ceramic coating responsibility to a professional. It’s highly recommended for experts to apply the coating to avoid any accidents or mishaps, especially if your vehicle is classic, rare, or exotic.

Because Ceramic is a very durable material, it makes it worth the investment. Although it may increase your car’s resistance to damage and does a significantly better job compared to sealant treatment or wax, it’s still not a guarantee that renders your car damage proof or scratch proof.

  • Is Ceramic Coating Applicable for My Tesla?

Absolutely! Ceramic coating has been applied to hundreds of Teslas. If you ‘e interested in getting your Tesla that waxed and washed look, call for Orlando Tesla Care for an appointment and they’ll make sure to prioritize you.

  • Should I Purchase Paint Protection Film?

If you live in central Florida, then it’s highly recommended that you get a paint protection film. Several factors, including bird droppings, the sun, tree sap, salty air, and road debris, can all create chaos on your car’s paint job. Having the film will ensure that your Tesla maintains that newly washed appearance longer and retains your investment value.

Paint Protection Film for Your Tesla

Paint Protection Film is a covering that is transparent for the exterior and paint job of your car.

Here are some of the benefits of having Paint Protection Film.

  • Protects against accidental rock chips
  • Has the ability to “self heal” from minor incidents
  • Prevents damage and stain from chemicals
  • Sufficiently reduces oxidation
  • Aids in protecting the clear coat from vigorous water spot deposits
  • Maintains your vehicle’s value.

Orlando Tesla Care is professionals in helping owners of Teslas protect their exteriors along with improving design quirks. Not only do they provide window tinting, paint protection, and ceramic coating, but they also fix minor issues on your Tesla.