Where To Set Up And Submit Your Canada ESTA Form

To submit your application for a travel authorization into Canada, you can go to the main ESTA website. This is very different from getting a visa through the visa waiver program because Canada and the United States have a very special agreement. It makes it easier for people to go from Canada to the US, and also from America to all of the different parts of Canada. To get your Canada ESTA set up, this is what you should do.

What Do You Need To Know If You Are A Canadian Citizen

If you are a Canadian citizen, there are things you need to know before you apply. First of all, Canadian passport holders are not required at all to get any type of visa. It is part of the agreement. Second, since Canada is not part of the VWP, Canadian passport holders cannot and do not need to, apply for the ESTA. So if you are a Canadian citizen, you do not have to get any type of special permission as long as you have a passport that allows you to travel. It’s a very simple process, one that is built into this agreement that is between the US and Canada.

Canada esta

What If You Are Not From Canada

If you are not an American or Canadian, and you want to go into Canada, you are going to need the electronic travel authorization done. This can be accomplished by going to the main ESTA website, something that is very similar to what you will find if you are going to get a visa to come to America. The process is very simple and if you are on the list of approved countries, you should have it within a few minutes. Canada ESTA a simple process that is designed to make it easier for certain countries to come into Canada regularly.