Tips For Producing Eye-Catching Gin Labels

Whether you want to start a business or plan to give out gin as party favors, creating a unique gin label creates a great first impression. Not only that, but the receivers will also appreciate the fact that you put your time and effort into making these products.

#1: Choose The Right Kind Of Bottle

When you put labels on bottles, it’s important to remember that the area should remain smooth so that the adhesive works perfectly. If you choose a container that has ridges or uneven areas, the label won’t stick entirely and might easily tear off when handled. When you find the perfect bottle, remember that different shapes go well with cylindrical containers such as oval, square, round, rectangle, and straight oval. Usually, these shapes stick better in a portrait position.

#2: Decide On Which Material You Want To Use

There are a variety of materials you can use to produce these labels. But, also remember that these products may also represent your brand or purpose. For example, you plan on giving gin as a party favor. Then it’s better to use paper-based items for a homemade look. Here’s a look at the different types:

  • Brown kraft paper
  • Plastic
  • Waterproof material
  • Textured paper
  • Paper (plain)

#3: Create A Unique Icon/ Brand Logo

To avoid lawsuits with other gin-making businesses, make sure you draw or create a unique and different brand logo. You can’t take random photos from the internet and make it your brand logo. There are arrangements and contracts you should make with the owners of these photos. Instead, create a logo that resonates with your passion, family, or your favorites. You may also choose the colors, shapes, and fonts.

#4: Include All Vital Information

It isn’t enough that you’ll produce a colorful label. Make sure also to include essential details such as the measurements of the gin, how much a person can drink in a day, and the warning label against drinkers who are below 18 years old. Not only will this label make you look responsible. You also avoid having problems with production requirements according to the law.

You can now start making an eye-catching gin label without worries. Make sure to let your creativity and uniqueness flow.