Top 3 Most Booked Food Tours In The US

A food tour is a guided tour in the area where you can sample the local food and beverages. Also known as a culinary tour, it usually comes escorted with a professional “foodie” guide. Some tours may also include hands-on workshops if you want to. It is also a fun way to get to know a new town or city!

Food tours are becoming a much-loved activity of travelers; it has become a craze these days. This trend is now called a “foodie vacation,” where destinations with great food and excellent cooking are more preferred than conventional ones. America is filled with such destinations! In this article, you will see three of the most booked food tours in the US.

New Orleans Food Walking Tour Of The French Quarter

This half-day food tour showcases the best food in New Orlean’s famous French Quarter! It also guides you to the city’s best and famous restaurants. This food tour will include or sample (depending on the time):

  • Seafood, or short rib or brisket of Beef Po-Boys 
  • Alligator sausage, muffuletta, jambalaya, creole brisket in a pre civil war Creole restaurant 
  • Pralines, boudin beignets, cajun pork rinds, and stroll past the famous Cafe du Monde
  • Seafood Gumbo at a Ralph Brennan’s restaurant

You will learn about the legacy of fine food in this area, and which spots you should also check later. It is history and food together!

Little Italy And North Beach Walking Tour

This tour is a glimpse into the culture and cuisine of the city of San Francisco! It is named one of the 15 best food tours in the USA by U.S. News and World Report in March last year. You’ll get to sample the Canolli, Italian soda, and other Italian treats from these famous shops: 

  • Mario’s 
  • Z Cioccolato
  • Stella Pastry
  • Molinari Delicatessen

Little Havana Food And Walking Tour

The tour is set on a historic neighborhood in the heart of the Cuban Miami scene. You will be dropping by family-owned food spots to sample old-fashioned and innovative dishes. Sample wonderful treats, such as plantain cups filled with chicken and picadillo, guava pastry, Cuban coffee, mamey and flan ice cream, guarapo juice, plantain chips, and malanga fritas!

There are so many food tour destinations in the US alone. Don’t forget to prepare your travel documents (passport, ESTA visa, travel insurance, etc.). Having to experience culture and history through food is very rewarding and filling at the same time! Treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime! Get your travel documents ready and book your trip at any time of the year!