What Information Do Search Funnels Provide?


Search Funnels from Google.com search provide reports of how your site is doing when it comes to possibly converting your site visitors to sales. It shows a number and the percentage of assisted conversion from Google searches and tells you which keywords have led to assisted conversions. Search Funnels offer an indispensable tool for marketers with the following information:

Search Funnel Shows Conversion Data

Previously, Google provided data regarding the last ad that was clicked before conversion. However, the problem with this is that the ad was an earlier one that initiated the conversion. Therefore, you must check what keyword or keyword searches have led to the ad and succeeding ads. If general words were made, the result becomes very focused. Knowing all these can help improve your chances of winning at keyword bids. 

Search Funnel Considers Account Impression Information

Full Analytics in Yahoo! Search Marketing offered data regarding assisted conversions. However, this tool only looks for assists through clicks and not from impressions. And this is where Google shines as it provides impression-based tracking for a longer time. Any assist that happens within the 45 days of the conversion is recorded, and the reporting period is only 30 days. 

Search Funnel Tells The Conversion Time

Google also shows how much time customers took to convert after checking out your ads. If you find around 90% of customers could covert after more than two or more weeks, you may conclude that your customers give a lot of thought in their purchases. If your customers are converting in just mere hours, you may figure out that they are impulsive in their buying decisions.  

Search Funnels Side By Side With Google Remarketing

Search Funnels work well with Remarketing. This tool helps marketers reach users that have already checked out their sites through their Google ads. This is one way to make sure that someone who seems to be interested in your products or services will see your ad or ads many times. 

Search Funnel Data Won’t Affect Quality Score

The search result in Google.com is matched using landing page quality, click-through rates, and keyword relevance. This is a benefit for marketers who don’t want to affect their site’s quality score optimization. But for those who get more conversions after many assisted clicks, this may not be a good idea.   Search funnels also help you create versatile ad campaigns that match your customer’s preferences. And with better attention to search funnel data, you can better improve the way your products or services reach your customers.