5 Suggestion In Selecting Hardwood For Your Pool Deck


Swimming pools are becoming part of many homes. It is because people love to splash in the water at any time of the year. Read this article and discover how to select the best border hardwood oak for your pool deck.

Select An Appropriate Decking Wood

Your pool deck will surely be bathed with chemical-containing water. Also, it will be exposed to different weather conditions. That is why you have to select a type of hardwood that can withstand intense environmental circumstances. You can choose an oak hardwood for your pool deck. It is durable enough and also rot-resistant. On the other hand, softwoods are not recommended for pool-side platforms. To say, always choose hardwoods like oak for lasting pool experience.

Choose Fixings That Last For A Long Time

After choosing the best hardwood, you must also consider using quality screws or latches and fasteners that can undergo rigorous conditions. They must be rust-resistant and corrosion-free. A good range of galvanized fixings and stainless steel is best for pool deck structures.

Ensure Proper Drainage System and Ventilation

For a good looking and adequately working deck, you must ensure its design permits water to drain easily from the pool edge. Also, it must have adequate ventilation and clearance. Air circulation must be maintained through a suitable decking board gap.

Meet The Fencing Requirements

Aside from what is mentioned above, it is vital to put attention in complying with the pool fencing requirements. You must take note if the fencing has to be connected to the pool deck. Consider if the deck needs strengthening to support the fencing weight. Also, note if you have to place the boards to secure that fencing is strongly attached. This planning will help you save a bunch of time sooner.

Use A Quality Sealer

Yes, your finished hardwood pool deck will be more impressive if you apply an excellent quality oil or sealant. This is to protect your deck from the severe effect of chlorine or salt of the pool water. It is also a shield from any kind of temperature. The hardwood sealer must be water-based for extending your pool deck life-span.

These are the things you need to consider in your pool deck hardwood selection. Keep these in mind and enjoy your water experience at the comfort of your home.