The Easiest Way To Obtain A Canada ETA


It is necessary to obtain what is called a Canada eTA if you are thinking about traveling into Canada in the future. This is something that must be done as it will quickly determine if you are eligible to come into the country. There are certain countries that have citizens that are not allowed. They will be detected instantly. By paying your seven dollars in Canadian money, and completing the application, you will be approved either instantly or over the course of several weeks as they receive additional documentation.

How Do You Apply?

The application should be done online. You will go to the main Canadian website in order to start this process. You will need to have several things that will be required. This will include your passport, and also some way of making a digital payment such as a credit card, and then you can fill the application out. This online application will be sent immediately to the approval department. You will also provide your email address so you can receive confirmation information. If additional documents will be necessary, within three days they will tell you, and then you will need to submit that information as soon as possible.

How Long Does Approval Usually Take?

For most people, the approval process will be nearly instantaneous. However, it typically takes a few minutes. There are many databases that must be searched. Once you are approved, you must verify certain information on that document which will include your passport number and the email that you used when you signed up. If you accidentally used the wrong passport, or the wrong email address, you will have to go through the process again.

Once you decide to travel, simply present your passport as it will have your Canada eTA digitally attached. This will allow you to travel into Canada numerous times. It can expire if your passport expires or if you have traveled multiple times over the course of a couple years. Either way, it must be done if you want to go into Canada for a visit in the near future.