Everything You Need To Know About Epoxy Resin Countertops

Managing laboratories is not an easy task, especially if you contain corrosive chemicals. The amount of maintenance fees adds up to the monthly insurance fees. Reduce your liabilities by choosing AGR Fabricators Epoxy resin countertops for your laboratories.

Tough From Surface To Surface

AGR Fabricators Epoxy technology has a high reputation for quality countertop products for more than 30 years. We have mastered the craftmanship to deliver high-end countertops. Products are designed to counter corrosion in the laboratory.

Epoxy technology was developed to be non-porous, very solid, and extremely durable. It is designed to last and resist corrosive chemicals, tough stains, and high heat without causing delamination, swelling, or spalling. Its aesthetics are made to be smooth, reduce glare, and have standard drip grooves.

Resistant To Chemicals

Spills, splashes, and messes are not easily avoided in chemical experiments. This causes damage in most laboratory countertops and adds up to liabilities. Epoxy Technology is very well-known to withstand harsh laboratory environments. This makes it ideal for countertops to be standard for laboratory, educational, and research purposes. 

Besides physical spills of corrosive chemicals, epoxy technology is heat resistant and tolerates high heat. It is self-extinguishing and was proven by experiments by independent research studies.

Epoxy Is Proven To Last

Epoxy technology has caught the eyes of researchers and manufacturers. The results made it clear that epoxy technology is ideal for laboratory countertops. Some of these tests are flexural strength, compressive strength, hardness, density, water absorption, and flame test.

Below are the test results of epoxy countertop using the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test method standards. These results are replicated and validated by many independent research scientists.

  • Flexural Strength – 16000/psi
  • Compressive Strength – 36,500/psi
  • Hardness Rockwell M – 110
  • Density Gr./CC. – 123.55 lbs/ft3
  • Water Absorption – 0.0076%
  • Flame Test – Self-extinguishing

In conclusion, epoxy technology on countertops is on the standards for laboratory, education, and research use. Its toughness, heat and chemical resistance, and density is firmly proven by research scientists.

Why settle for a low-quality countertop for your chemical laboratories? Call AGR Fabricators now and be tough as your countertop.