Benefits Of A Slide And Glide Workout

slide and glide workout

Engaging in a variety of exercises will help you tone your muscles and increase bone density. However, those who suffer from joint issues and injuries may be unwilling to engage in highly demanding workout routines due to the increased risk of injuries caused by high impact movements.

Sliding disks have made it possible for such people to exercise on a regular basis without facing an elevated risk of injury. Furthermore, you can get more from a slide and glide workout due to the increased range of movement and exercise variations.

Read on below to learn more about the main benefits of slide and glide exercises.

Low Impact

Slide and glide exercises are considered to be low impact exercises. The disks allow users to move along different planes without having to lift their feet off the ground. As such, you don’t have to worry about developing an injury after knocking your feet hard against the ground.

As previously stated above, people who suffer from joint issues can use slide and glide exercises as a safe and effective solution to their special exercise needs.

Improved Stability

After incorporating sliding disks into your workouts, you will quickly find out how maintaining your stability becomes a challenge. The sliding action facilitated by the use of these disks is somewhat the same as what people experience when walking on ice. To improve your stability, your body, specifically the muscles in your feet, have to work harder. This ultimately works to improve your general stability.

Increased Exercise Options

Conducting the same exercises day in day out can leave you bored, and may even cause you to slack off during workouts; incorporating sliding disks into your workouts will definitely make things much more interesting. Sliding disks help you spice up traditional exercises like push-ups and lunges. Furthermore, with a wider range of movements, you get to push your body harder and as such gain more from each workout.

You will find a huge variety of resources online describing, in detail, how to execute common exercises with the use of sliding disks.

To get the most out of a slide and glide workout, it is vital for you to properly and safely execute each move. Place the ball of your foot on the disk in a way that leaves the heel hanging off the rear end; this way you can use it as a brake whenever necessary. Use this tip to maintain control of your movements in the initial stages, as you get used to using sliding disks.