Uptown @ Farrer Condos In Singapore – Are You Looking To Purchase A Unit?

Uptown @ Farrer

When searching for the best condo in Singapore to purchase, you want to make sure you know where to buy. Are Uptown Farrer condos in Singapore your best bet? There are some benefits to choosing them that you might want to know. You can use what you learn about these developments to make a good decision about which property investment you want to make.

When it comes to Uptown @ Farrer Singapore Condo, it looks like there are a total of 116 units. The exterior of both buildings looks quite modern. They look like twin buildings side by side, and a description of the project says it is a mixed development. In other words, there are both residential apartments and serviced apartments. One building is taller than the other, at 21 stories, with its twin being 16 stories.

The furnishings used in the buildings are supposed to be quite elegant. You can imagine that makes for quite the ambiance. Each unit is going to have attractive countertops and beautiful cabinetry. That’s just some of what you can expect in both the serviced units and the residential units. What else are you going to find if you purchase a condo at Uptown Farrer?

This development is a place where people can live, work, vacation and play, all at the same time. Are you wanting to live full-time in Singapore? Maybe you’re wanting to live there for part of the year, or maybe you just want a vacation condo there that you can use. It’s certainly going to be nice purchasing a unit available from this condo development project.

While one building is all about residential livability, there is also an urban setting that surrounds the development. That’s why it’s a great place to live, work and play. You get to choose whether you want to purchase a unit in the residential building or the serviced apartment building. You have choices, but be sure that the condos are going to be sold quickly.

You will want to check on how many units are available. With two buildings and that many stories of units, I would expect the number to be more than 116. That is just what one source stated, and it could be how many of them are left available. Check out what you can expect when you purchase a unit in one of these buildings and enjoy owning a new luxury condo in Singapore.